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MATC - MASHAV’s International Agricultural Training Center – specializes, since 1963, in human capacity building, transfer of knowledge and professional support in the fields of agriculture, water management, environment and rural development. 

MATC designs and implements MASHAV's agricultural cooperation programs and professional training activities in Israel and abroad. Our cooperation programs are inspired by the Israeli development experience and combine both practical agricultural know-how and the Israeli spirit of innovation. Activities include international courses and tailor-made training activities in Israel and in stakeholders’ countries, as well as long- and short term advisory missions and agricultural projects. Trainings are held in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

MATC works for the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a better world.  MATC’s activities aim to contribute to global efforts to achieve sustainable food security by empowering governments, rural communities and individuals to improve their livelihoods through better agricultural practices.

MATC believes in global partnerships for sustainable development, and works in collaboration with international development organizations and agencies to enhance bilateral, regional, and multilateral cooperation for knowledge sharing. Among our partners: UNESCO, FAO, IRENA, WHO, WMO, UNECE, ECOWAS, GIZ, USAID, JICA, DANIDA, MEDRC, SWIM, GAP, CICA, GLOBAL AFFAIRS CANADA (formerly CIDA) and MEDA


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MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible, since 1958, for the design, coordination and implementation of the Sate of Israel’s development cooperation programs and humanitarian assistance efforts. 

MASHAV places people at the heart of development, focusing our activities on human capacity building and on the ‘training of trainers’ approach; and sharing with others Israel’s own development experience and innovative technologies.  

In alignment with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and as a member of the family of nations, the State of Israel through MASHAV, shares the global responsibility of overcoming development challenges and contributing to the fight against poverty, while leaving no-one behind.


Oded Halamit

Works at MATC since 2004
« I believe that our activities bring hope by inspiring our students to make a difference in their countries. »…

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Evelyn Rosenthal

Works at MATC since 1995
«I arrived in Israel as a young agronomist from Argentina, and worked in the desert area. I saw how Israel has made…

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Ora Rabin

Works at MATC since 1998
« I’m proud to be a part of Israel’s development agency and I believe that every person can achieve any goal he…

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Tammy Eran-Soussan

Works at MATC since 1998
«I believe that human capacity building is the foundation of sustainable development, and that agricultural know-…

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Yuval Elazar

Works at MATC since 2005
«All my life I have been surrounded by agriculture - I grew up on a farm, I studied agricultural engineering in the…

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Lara Moshel

Works at MATC since 2016
«As a new immigrant graduated from International Relations and Environmental Policies, it is particularly…

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Alina Domchik

Works at MATC since 2009
«Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you…

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Moises Szapsik

Works at MATC since 2021
«Being part of MATC is a rare privilege, being able to cooperate with the Israeli effort for global development is…

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Sharon Dogan

Works at MATC since 2016
«Working at MATC is an amazing experience that permits me to learn about different cultures and people. I’m proud…

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Eran Geva

Works at MATC since 1999
«Agriculture is necessary for life, as simple as it sounds. It is a privilege to pass on the knowledge and the…

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